The Gate


Berlin, Mauerbau, Checkpoint Charlie


(Photo of East German guards reviewing passports at Berlin Wall. Courtesy: Bild Budesarchiv)

I have been working on, The Gate, the next installment in the Embers of War Series for several months now. It will be done soon and made available shortly after that. I can’t tell you, my dear readers, how different this books is from A Berlin Story. Yes, it’s dark, all that gray/brown of the Soviet era, but it’s intense and nonstop. The people just never stop running. So much hunger. I love these characters. Slices of Russian and German spill out into all the margins, where the Cold War has pushed itself to the center of the story and new terms appear–Air Lift, Stalin, the Wall. I can’t wait to share it with all of you soon.

And the whole series is getting a new cover, thanks to designer extraordinaire, Gayle Hendricks. More info to come. I’m pushing Mitya and Annalise forward daily, and they’re both at the edge of nervous breakdowns, but controlled ones that just simmer madly at the surface, because anything more would land them in Siberia.

If you haven’t read A Berlin Story, catch up before The Gate comes out!


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