There Are Plans and Then There’s Life


Adina, the beautiful. 12/2009-06/2016

(Tiffani Burnett-Velez)

So there’s been a delay in the publication of the Freelancer’s Bible. My family experienced an unexpected tragedy last Friday, and we’re still reeling from it. Our beloved Labrador Retriever died suddenly. She had a status epilepticus for 2.5 hours. That’s a continuous grand mal seizure that caused her to writhe and bleed from her ears and mouth in our bedroom, down the hallway, and into the car. All the children saw it. It was a horrendous sight. She looked at us with frantic eyes, frantically paddling legs. There was nothing we could do, except, pray and try comfort her, which she couldn’t even understand.

She arrived at the animal hospital with a 111 degree fever, something that is almost impossible to survive. She didn’t know us anymore, even after the seizures were calmed down to just mild, continuous ones.She was terrified of us when we tried to pet her or touch her pretty face.

We had to put her down. It was heartbreaking. Only a few hours before, she was perfectly fine, and then this. The doctor said this kind of seizure is idiopathic. Its cause is unknown. She was the sweetest dog in the world. She came to our family during a time of great trauma. She healed us of our sorrow, our fear, and our pain. But we couldn’t do the same for her. The one comfort we have is that we know, without a doubt, that she was the happiest and most loved dog in the world. She was a great gift. A selfless giver of love and peace. I didn’t care much about editing after the loss of her.

My fiction books always go through traditional publishers, but this is my first nonfiction and I’m publishing it myself. Though, it’s going through the same rigorous professional design, edit, and formatting. So, you’ll get a lovely book, friends. But it was delayed until July 11, 2016, because I needed a few days to recover. My whole family did. Not that one ever really gets over the loss of a pet. I’m convinced that there are some people in the world who probably deserve to suffer. Dictators and abusers. But never animals. They’re all innocent. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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