A Few Good Books

I’ve been sharing women authors on my social media for Women’s History Month. They’ve inspired me and entertained me. My goal has been to share a woman a day, but life’s too busy for that. Here’s what I’ve got so far…

I want to share a woman author, poet, novelist, etc…every day that I’ve enjoyed and who I think is brilliant. A book that I’ve enjoyed for a while now is Confessions of a Barefaced Woman by Allison Joseph. If you don’t know her work, I highly recommend you check it out. For me, poetry is tactile, so I like the feel of a book, but you get the version that works for you. Happy Tuesday, pals.

Eleanor Parker Sapia, is the author of one of my favorite books of all time, A Decent Women. Her first book of poetry, Loose Threads and Tight Knots, comes out soon and I can’t wait! Check her out. #WomensHistoryMonth #eleanorparkersapia

I read this book when I was really sick with kidney disease and it completely distracted me from all my surgeries and pain meds. I know this is a strange way to introduce the author I’m highlighting today for Women’s History Month (I’m highlighting one every day this month), but I’m so lucky it was recommended to me all those years ago. I’ve loved every Pam Jenoff book I’ve read since then, too, and I learned some valuable things about storytelling and world building by reading her work. I’m so happy to recommended this author to you today.

This is my favorite book by Merline Lovelace. This is saying something, because she’s written more than 100 novels. This one, I shared with my late grandmother, Jean Borgos, who was one of the first female Marine drill sergeants in US history. She loved this book with me. Like Pam Jenoff’s book yesterday, Hello Girl by Merline Lovelace, taught me some valuable writing lessons. Stephen King says that it’s the story that matters most, and good writers will blend the prose and plot together perfectly. That’s so much easier said than done, but Merline does this in her work, and my favorite example of this is in Hello Girl. Please get it, and when you offer a review for an author, go to GOODREADS with your review. FORGET AMAZON! Amazon curates their reviews so heavily, only 30% generally get through. True story. Leave your review at GOODREADS and it will naturally migrate to other sites, like Amazon. You only need to leave a starred review if you’re not a wordy person.

There’s no vintage shop like Rc Moore and there’s no memoir collection that has ever held my attention more than this one. Oh, the people you’ll meet in this book ❤ The fashion is beautiful, the stories are remarkable, powerful, unbelievable, and they stay with you. There aren’t enough superlatives this morning for me to express my love. I Wanna Live Forever is available in paperback, and RC Moore is online and in Hellertown. I bought the most beautiful spring 1960’s jacket from there during lockdown. It brought me more joy than I can express, because clothes can do that for a body. Check out the store and the book today. I promise, no matter who you are, or what you like in life, you’ll love this book.

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