Go Ahead, Just Take it. Stories are for everyone.

My fifth book launched yesterday, but this one is different than the others. I usually have a ton of reviews beforehand, I have interviews set up, etc. But for this book, I did things differently. I wanted to dedicate myself just to the story and not to the marketing. Yes, I have a publicist and editors and things going on, but I wanted something a little more organic from this work. Are people moved by it? Then they’ll review it. Do people relate to it? Then they’ll talk about. Do people want a free copy? Here’s a link. This is my thinking on this kind of project.

It’s pure story, and I want it to have a life of its own. I have a day job, so let’s see where this tale goes on its journey. I have to remind myself to be patient and just let the process spread out where it will. It’s slow and somewhat painful at times, making me question why I even still do this thing called “writing.” The story is what carries me, though. The characters and why they suffered and triumphed as they did, is what carries me on in this weird profession.

Paul Coelho did this with The Alchemist, believing that it should be available for all who want it. I like this idea. Yes, of course, I want to make money, but I believe I’m doing what I’m supposed to do, so all will turn out as it’s supposed to. Do you want a copy? See copy below. Yes, you can get it on Amazon and other places, too, but it’s also free if you can’t pay. Enjoy, but please leave me a review at Goodreads when you get the chance. I appreciate your thoughts.

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