Kyiv, As I Sleep

(Originally posted on Facebook, 3/11/2022)

πŸ’” Kyiv πŸ’™ As I go to sleep tonight, you wake to bombs and artillery fire. The Russians are very close now to the city center. I am trying to keep my corner of America interested in what is happening to you, because maybe my corner will push another corner and it will spread out to Washington and NATO and we can end that madman. This is not likely, but it is all that is within my power. For me, the news feels surreal, like I’m watching WWII happen in modern time. I have friends who are hunkered down there. They were free two weeks ago. When I think of the world tomorrow, I think this will be the dividing line between what was and what was left. Between who was and who was left. I don’t think Americans realize how the world just changed for all of us.

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