About Tiffani

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Tiffani has been a freelance writer since 1996. Her nonfiction and journalistic pieces have appeared in Pennsylvania Magazine, Country Discoveries, American Magazine, The Times News, St. Anthony Messenger, Yahoo! News, and many more online and print magazines and newspapers in the US and Europe. She has ghostwritten for several business journals, expat journals in Eastern Europe, and has created marketing materials and campaigns for several companies in Canada and the US.

She holds a BA in Cognitive Studies, with a concentration in Autism and ADHD Educational Support. She attended an MA in English and Creative Writing program at Southern New Hampshire University, Modernist American Literature at both Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania, and she is currently completing her MFA in Creative Writing at Lindenwood University.

Her first novel, Budapest, was published in 2007 and reprinted in 2013 by Little Flower Press. It was featured in the New York Book Festival and the 42nd Annual Conference of Jewish Librarians. Her WWII era novella, A Berlin Story, was published through Kindle Direct Publishing and maintained a #1 position in the Kindle Free Store for more than three weeks. Her latest novel, a thriller, was released with rave reviews by Booktrope in 2015 and featured in the International Thriller Writer’s magazine, The Big Thrill. She has two blogs, A Stitch in Time and This Writer’s Life. You can follow her on Twitter at @tburnettvelez.

Currently, she is working on the the remainder of the Embers of War novella series and the first novel in a new Civil War romance trilogy.


  1. I am facing problems checking out your website. I am unable to find any information. I am hopeful that you can offer me some help. Apologies for bothering you.


  2. I am trying to get in touch with you for an interview and special appearance. Are you available?


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