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Rating 5-Star

The author weaves a realistic and intense tale that delves into the issues of PTSD, suicide, racism, prejudice, discrimination, murder, and the politics of war. All This Time is a thought provoking story that will make the reader pause and ponder the harsh realities and the tragic cost of war that is placed upon our military service people and their families.

“Stunning!  Exhilarating!  Vibrant!  I was privileged to read this book on Memorial Day weekend, and it was quite fitting.

Tiffani Burnett-Velez reaches right in to the core of all of the mangled emotions that stir inside both; the Service Members and the families that await their return, as our US military serves time in battle over in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I read this story with my mouth agape, I bet you will, too.” From Annie at Chick Lit Plus. Read more here…

“All This Time by Tiffani Burnett-Velez was a great story.  I can’t say enough things about this book because it is in the genre of books that I love the most.

I also loved this book because it brings issues that people are dealing with in our country and brings attention to them.” From Margaret at The World as I See It. Read more here…

Rating 5-Star

A gripping read from the very start.

A Berlin Story by Tiffani Burnett-Velez, was a gripping read from the very start. I was instantly transported back in time and place as my eyes and soul filled with an abundance of rich description, historical accuracy, and multi-dimensional characters. Burnett-Velez seamlessly tied into her story the riveting and chaotic atmosphere and tragedies of war, all too often only glossed over or glamorized. I intend to follow this author as she continues on her remarkable writing journey. —Author of The Broken Half, Sahar Abdulaziz

Better set some time aside when you start reading [Budapest], because you will never want to put it down!!!! — Amazon reviewer, T. Franz