A New Book for a New Year

There should be a lovely picture right here, but my children used my computer and one of them deleted all my photos from the past two years. So, you’ll have to use your imaginations, My Dear Readers. 

I have found that if I am crocheting and knitting furiously, I’m not writing all that much, and conversely, if I am writing furiously I am not playing with hooks and thread all that much. So, though I have several blankets to complete and some scarves before the winter fizzes out, I have a novel to complete in less than two weeks. I must get cracking on that and put down the needle arts for a bit.

My priest said to me not too long ago that life is a menu, it’s always a menu. I believe he’s correct in this. There is always a list of options for any human being to undertake, a plethora of tasks that always need fulfillment. This is especially true for mothers. But what do I have to do today? I have complete the outline of this novel about the Civil War, and I have complete its timeline, so that I can spend the majority of my weekend writing down the bones of these two wonderful characters who always make me think about soft mountain wool and Delta cotton puffed round and high by the Southern heat.

I’m submitting this new work to an entirely different publisher. I’ll be taking in a whole different sum of tasks. Wish me luck and send me prayers. I am dedicating this book to my grandmother, Jean Borgos-Burnett. I can feel her beside every now and then saying, “Consistency is most important here. Just work hard, honey, and the rest will come. You have the talent. Now just apply the work.”

And done. 2016 is my year. Will it be yours as well? What are you undertaking at the toddlerhood  of this long unfolding century?

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