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“The writers of these poems are award-winning Authors, Journalists, Bloggers and Activists, while others are previously unknown artists. The voices of the forty-four contributors are diverse. The poems are a collective made from a global community. The authors are from Australia, Canada, Central America, The United Kingdom, The United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, South Africa and The United States.” Julie Anderson, Publisher at Feminine Collective


Featured at the New York Book Festival 


Anna Laszlo thinks she is on a journey to save herself and find her grandparents’ pre-Holocaust home. But what she unveils instead is the charm of a 400 year old nun and the truth about a love that cannot be touched. Around every ancient corner of her new city, a familiar evil threatens the life Anna has begun. Leave the New World for the Old, and discover Budapest.

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Annalise Bergen is seeking shelter among the rubble of a fallen Berlin, after members of the Red Army have held her prisoner for two weeks in her apartment. She is released by a kind Ukrainian officer, who disappears almost as soon as he appears. Annalise cannot get the image of him out of her mind, but finding him means losing the safety net his kindness has created for her. She survives by living on meager rations and by feigning interest in American GI’s. Eventually, she finds the soldier again, but her discovery also means a loss to her freedom and safety.

Featured in The Big Thrill, official magazine of The International Thriller Writers.


Syrian-American, Lydia Fadoul, has spent a year waiting for her fiance’ to return from war in Iraq, only to discover that he is broken by trauma and the devastating effects of PTSD. Just when he finally agrees to seek help, he takes his own life and leaves behind a story of murder, betrayal, and mystery. In her second, contemporary fiction novel since Budapest, Tiffani Burnett-Velez weaves a fast-paced literary tale about the rumors we believe and the prejudices we create in order to protect our hearts from the truth.



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Some of my articles and other published pieces

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